It’s so much better without Strattera!
July 20, 2007, 9:51 pm
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It’s a long time ago already since I have tested Strattera.
And I can tell you that it feels soooooo much better without.
It’s not an easy life to have ADHD in a high degree and not using any medicin,
but it’s worth it! Now it’s me who decide how I feel, no one else, and no meds.
That’s whatI call freedom!


Day 12 on Strattera
August 17, 2006, 11:50 am
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Day 12 on Strattera

How I feel
Upset and frustrated, angry and irritated.
This is the second time in 12 days that I feel very irritated and fustrated and in a very bad mood.
Without any reason, ‘it just happened’ Luckily I was working most of the day.
This means that I have been alone.
Because it is not nice at all for my wife when I am like this.
Even when I try to not show it she feels the stress anyway.
So it’s not good….. 😦

Complains/side effects

Anger, frustration feelings, irritation and being in a very bad mood.
I know a side effect can be al those feelings written above.
But I sure hope they will not be a staying side effect.
I took this pills in the hope of a life with more balance , being more relaxed
and less chaotic. So I can live a normal life.
And not only me, also for my wife, because I know I am not the easiest
to live with, I’m not all bad though, I’m honest, and I’m very sweet and caring also.
Otherwise she would have been gone already.
But it hurts to be such a burden to here. I want to be her rock, not her burden.

ADHD effects

I’m taking this pills to lower the ADHD effects in my life.
But today was a terrible day.
No positive sign or feeling at all to report.
The opposite…………. 😦