Natural ADHD Remedies/Lies?
August 17, 2006, 9:57 pm
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It’s known that many people make alot of money in the medical world.

They all want to make us believe that their meds are the best. It’s the same for natural and chemical remedies. The problem is only that even when there would be a natural remedie in the form of a pil,herb or juice, it’s allways extreme expensive!

So think twice before you start paying alot of money for this ‘Natural remedies’.

The best Natural remedy I can give you for free is:

  • Eat healthy, lots of fruit & vegetables.
  • Drink lots of water each day.
  • Don’t smoke & drink
  • exercise, do a sport you like.
  • Train your own concentration
  • Relax
  • Be honest towards yourself and others
  • Train your selfcontrol
  • Get organized, clean up and keep it clean