My last posting of the daily Strattera report
August 17, 2006, 12:57 pm
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stop the test of Stattera.

Well if you want my advice about Strattera?
I will say DON’T USE IT!!!! DON’T TRY IT!!!

I have heard and read so many reactions from people.
Mostly all where VERY negative.

Strattera was not even made to be a ADHD med!

I’m not a doctor, so don’t take my word for it.
I’m ‘just’ somebody who was desperate and wanted to test anything as long as I would get some peace and rest etc. in my life.

Well thanks to God I do get some more peace in my life.
But not thanks to Strattera.
They have allowed it now also on the Swedish market, I don’t understand why?

( well I do, but if I would write down that they do it because of the big money there is to be made with Strattera, then I would suggest someting I can’t proof, so I better don’t claim that to be truth.)

The reason you see on all my Strattera testing posts you see the same date.
This is because I first had a blog at blogspirit. They suddenly decided to start asking money for their service.
That’s why I copy and pasted it all to here at blogger.

I will continue to write also about others ADHD aspects of life.
and about my experience with Cognitieve therapy.

So keep on coming back,even when I won’t write every day.

And ofcourse don’t forget to tell others!


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I’m on it. going through it on the chance that there won’t be wild side effects for me. What does work if this doesn’t?
Does not drinking really help?

Comment by bristol

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