Day 9 on Strattera
August 17, 2006, 11:48 am
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Day 9 on Strattera

How I feel

I felt very, very tired again.
More then normal, but that’s because I I forgot to
take Strattera on time.
I did take it ,but not earlyer then the evening.
Today, day 9 I took it early in the morning.
so I walked around with a double, double dose.
But I made it trough the day.

Complains/Side effects

I was not only very tired, but I had a ‘new’ problems now.
When I went to the toilet, I had a hard time to stop peeing.
I kind of had to sueeze the ‘lock’ for 2 minutes, before I could relax again.
I sure hope that that was only a side effect as a result of taking my meds so late the other day.
But no pain in the stomach, no dizzy feelings.
Only a little out of balance feelings.
So that was good! I only want to get ride of this extreme tiredness.

ADHD effects.

It get a little boring to say the same everyday.
But I don’t notice so much change on my ADHD behaviour.
Yes I’m calmer, but that’s because i’m so tried all the time.
So I simply don’t have the energy to be uppset.

I also started with Koginitve therapy.
But I will write separate postings about that process.
Now i will have to go and work again.


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