Day 7 on Strattera
August 17, 2006, 11:43 am
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Day 7 on Strattera

How I feel

Today I started for the first time with a double dose Strattera.
I started a week ago with 40 mg, so now it is 80 mg.
Although it is allot higher as most people get outside Sweden,
I decided to start with it anyway.
Especially since the start with 40 mg went ok.
But I had a very hard time to work today, I was again so extreme tired.

Complains/side effects

Well it was like the first time I started with Strattera.
My whole body felt like I have been working very hard a whole day without food.
I felt totally weak in my body.
That’s why I also was extra tired I guess.
I have a dry mouth the whole day.
Like I have been walking in the dessert the whole day.
I did feel still out of balance, but did not have so much problems
with being dizzy.

ADHD effects

Still not so much effects yet concerning the ADHD effects.
I was calmer today, but that was because how I felt in my body I think.
and I have until now not noticed any change in my ability to be more focused
or concentrated.
But today I got an email from someone with ADHD in the USA who is on Strattera.
She also felt a little change directly after she started.
But it took 2 months before she felt more effect from Strattera.
This means I will have to wait at least another 7 weeks.
It’s good to know, because I have a hard time going on normally.
I want to see results fast, otherwise I stop.
But I promised myself I will give it all and continue at least
for 2 months.
We will see how it goes.


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I read your blog, and just wanted to encourage you and tell you I hope you start feeling much better soon!

Posted by: Eliza | 03/15/2006

Comment by mrtheo

Thanks Eliza!

I needed that!

Posted by: Theo | 03/15/2006

Comment by mrtheo

het is moeilijk om te wachten heh? ja, hoopelijk niet lang meer dan voel je beter. net

Posted by: nettie | 03/15/2006

Comment by mrtheo

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