Day 4 on Strattera
August 17, 2006, 11:39 am
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Day 4 on Strattera

How I feel

I feel VERY VERY tired!
Today when we did some food shopping I simply had to stop in the middle of the supermarket.
And then I looked for a place where I could sit down.
But in a supermarket they don’t have so much places where you can sit down.
But when I finally did sit down I could hardly get up.
I felt like a man from 80 year old.
Even now when I’m typing this report, I have to stop sometimes to rest my arms.
The tiredness is even worse then the days before.
And I have just been laying on my bed for about 3 hours after the shopping.

Complains/side effects

Well one the biggest side effects today was feeling very, very, very tired.
I felt also like vomit again, but now it was only a few hours after I took my pill.
Then although I still felt like vomit, I started to eat dinner.
That was not so hard since my wife made a fantastic Mexican taco dinner.
That helped, because after that I did not feel vomit anymore.
I went to bed for about 3 hours, but are still very tired in my whole body.
So vomit and Tired are very strong side effects today.

ADHD effects

I know it’s still to early to say, but I think the pills work for my impatience and explosive feelings.
What I mean with impatience is clear I think.
But my explosive feelings are for example as follows:
I clean the kitchen and drop a knife on the floor.
No problem , that can happen to anyone you think?
Well I go bananas, and get very upset.
I don’t hurt anybody, I don’t break down anything.
But you don’t want to be near me!
If you think about how my morning looks which described earlier then you probably can imagine how I am.

Today I started the day wrong again.
But most important I did not take a breakfast until lunchtime.
Although I stood up early, I extended taking breakfast the whole time.
Procrastination is my number one…….
Anyway I never take my pills without breakfast, that’s why I don’t get so much pain in my stomach I think.
As a result I started to get unbelievable irritated.
It was really incredible.
I took my pill after breakfast and a few hours later I was calm again.
And have been the rest of this day, also because of the tiredness of course. 😉
I forgot the otherdays and also now to write down that I suddenly can start to sweat like crazy.
Today for example I was walking with my dog in the woods.
It was around -12 celcius so VERY cold, but I was sweating like crazy!
Not much later I can feel very cold again, but that doesn’t last so long.

It does not help me yet with staying focused and concentrated , not yet anyway, but if it helps me to stay balanced and not so irritated, then I’m already very happy!


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