Day 21 on Strattera
August 17, 2006, 12:27 pm
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Day 21 on Strattera

How I feel

Good , but not happy.
I just wrote a whole story but I didn’t save it. 😦
And now it is gone.
So I have to start all over again.
I feel good, also because I just to my meds, Strattera.
It always takes a while before it starts to work.
I know when it starts to work, because I feel when the side effects start.
I’m one of the lucky ones I think.
Because I have read allot of stories from people who have tried Strattera.
And they had pain going to the toilet or making out.
Pain in the stomach, could not get out of bed etc.
I ‘only’ have a dry mouth the whole day and a weak feeling in my legs.
The weak feeling in my legs are the worst because it makes you so unbelievable tired.
But if I have to choose,
then I rather have this tiredness then the constant pressure and stress
what I felt before I started with Strattera.
Sometimes I feel it , the stress and this hunted feelings, coming up.
Then I realize how I use to feel without the meds.
So yes, if I look back to how I felt and how I feel now,
then I’m happy with the results until now.

Of course I was also very lucky that I could join the cognitive test team
on the same time as I started with Strattera.

Complains/ side effects

The same as the ones in the last days.
So why repeat it all right?

ADHD effects

As I wrote above, I think I’m allot calmer with Strattera then before.
I always was so stressed, day in day out 24 hours a day.
Sometimes I had a calm day, without knowing why.
But normally I was not normal.
The best way to describe this stress is to compare it to the following situation:

Your about to go to your work, you have a important meeting.
If you come to late you will loose a deal what the company can not afford to loose.
This means that if your to late everybody will loose their job.
You know that, but your late now anyway.
You are trying to do everything you can to be on time.
But it’s to late already, you know your ‘normally’ can’t make it.
Your run and hurry as much as you can, you almost can’t stand the pressure.

Well that’s the stress feeling someone with ADHD has the whole day, 24 hours a day.
Because of this stress you forget allot of things and you can’t concentrate.
Maybe this example give a little more understanding on how i or some one else
with ADHD feels the whole day.
I write this so people without ADHD can understand a little better what goes on in someone who has ADHD.
Not so you can and/or will feel sorry.
I don’t need people around me who feel sorry, that’s at least last thing I need.

It’s not easy, but very interesting! I never have a boring day!
The most bad part is that I hurt or can be to much for the people close to me.
I never want to hurt others, especially not the ones around me.
But that happens, and that I hope to be able to reduce to zero.
as soon as I can.


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