Day 20 on Strattera
August 17, 2006, 12:26 pm
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Day 20 on Strattera

How I feel

Well today was pretty good.
Yes I still feel the weak feelings in my legs that makes me also so tired.
But for the rest I’m ok.
To bad that you can not get meds for a more organized life.
Although I did allot today, I still did not do allot of things I have to do.
I have to contact some customers of my company since a long time ago.
Also the administration needs to be updated, my web site updated etc.
I get so desperate sometimes, because my own company is still costing
me lots of money. If I would be more organized I think I could have
made already lots of money by now. But until today I still have to work fulltime
as a security guard beside my own company’s.
Yep I also have another company together with my wife.
We are selling BARF ( Biological Adjusted Raw Food) for pets.
Since we give our own pets BARF their health have improved so much!
But his has nothing to do with my ADHD, so I’m getting a little of topic here.

My dream is making radio! and….

I know that making radio is also off topic, but since I mentioned in another posting
that I have been making, producing and hosting radio programs for many years,
when I was still living in Holland I started to dream again.
Tonight I looked up on internet how much it would cost to make radio online.
And since Ipod is so popular I looked in to that also.
With Itunes quicktime player pro you can make online podcasts.
Podcasts are a kind of radio online broadcast.
And it is not even so expensive to buy that program.
But as far as I understand you don’t need a server with a BIG hard disk
for podcasts, right?
But of course, if I could get paid to make and host radio programs,
then would be the best of course!
What if I would start with short radio talks and put them here on my blog?
I wonder if people would listen? ( hint, hint, I want response!)


And….. my other dream is to write a book.
I know the subject already, you never guess……
But it would be nice if I could find a publisher first.
To bad I’m not a big known writer already, because they get paid in advance.
Then they get like 3 or 6 months to write a book.
Men wouldn’t that be fantastic?!
Well I better get back to the topic again, ADHD.

Complains/side effects

The same as before, weak feeling in my legs and a dry mouth.
Although the dry mouth was not so bad today.
I went to Lena today, she is the nurse from the ADHD team.
She has been checking my blood pressure, my weight and pulse weekly.
And al that was fine, I even loose a few kilo’s although I don’t eat less.
So that was a very positive side effect.

ADHD effects

Yep, when I was looking back today with Lena to how I was and how I am now,
then I think there is a big difference.
I’m so happy with that. Because I read so much stories from people who tried
Strattera and had to stop because of so many strong side effects and hardly any positive effects.
Well with me it’s the opposite.
And then when I read at the blog from Sepp ( see the link on the left side of my blog)
then I became extra nervous, he wrote that a test with Strattera in Sweden was a big failure.
Since I live in Sweden, it all becomes suddenly very close.
But this are the first meds I have good experiences with.
I just hope that the tiredness will disappear.

We have to wait and see.
Tomorrow my personal coach ( cognitive therapist) will come for the first time to my house.
I wonder if she will survive the shock when she enters my office?
Because it’s a real chaos in here.
When I understood that she was going to be like a personal coach to me I was so happy!
I wanted to start to work on all my problems in one time…….
But she did not think that that was such a good idea.
So I have to take it slow, one step after the other, instead of jumping ten step ahead.

You can read more about my coach and my proces at: cognitive therapy.


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