Day 2 on Strattera
August 17, 2006, 11:34 am
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Day 2 on Strattera

My second day on Strattera

Well today was only the second day but I felt allready alot better.
Not so much vomit feelings and also no pain in the stomach.
I was still feeling VERY tired, my body felt like 300 kg’s and like I had been walking for 200 km problem is also that I wake up early because of this meds. So I did not have much sleep last night.
But I don’t feel any different in my brain and behavior.
I know it needs time, but I have not much patience and want to see result yesterday, latest today.
But at least I can be happy that it seems that 40 mg was not to much to start with.

ADHD & Therapy

I’m not sure what it is called in English but in Dutch they call the therapy I started with today: Cognitive Therapy. They called just a few days ago that I might have to wait a few months.
But already today I could start. It clicked and felt good, although we only went to the basic things so they get a better picture of how I ( not) function and what I would like to improve and work on. The problem was that I only could choose 3 things. I’m glad I can start the therapy and the new meds at the same time. It’s for the first time since a very long time that I have a hope for a real change in my life. That I will be able to get a grip on my life again, take back control and goodbye with the chaos in my head and my life!

It’s late I’m going to get some sleep.


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