Day 18 on Strattera
August 17, 2006, 12:22 pm
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Day 18 on Strattera

How I feel

Today was a good day!

I was feeling great!
Also because I was still in this success cloud from the seminar from yesterday.
It was so nice! And the main speaker who came all the way from England,
ask me when I dropped her of at the airport, if we would like to organize it again next time.
So that was a big compliment! Especially for my wife.
Because she did all the preparation and administration.
We fit good together, because I like to take care of the practical things the day itself.
And to get on stage and talk to the audience.
It gives me a little bit feeling of radio making that I have been doing when I was still living in Holland.

I made radio programs , producing, directing, controlling and presenting.
I really did enjoy that! I have also done music programs for a TV station.
But I prefer radio, because you can create your own atmosphere.
I’m living now in Sweden, and my Swedish is not good enough to host a radio show in Swedish.
But my dream is to host a radio show in English on internet.
Maybe someone who needs a DJ will read this and offer me a job some DJ/Radio host for an online
Radio station?

Complains/side effects

Just the usual ones like a dry mouth and being tired.
I’m getting tired of being tired, even in the supermarket
I felt like an old men without any condition.

ADHD effects

It’s so hard to say.
Somehow you get so easy used to the way you feel.
But I think if I look at the whole me, that I am calmer.
It’s far from perfect, but so much better then before when I was always stressed.
I think that Strattera has given me the best results from all other meds I tested before.
Maybe I should ask money from Strattera for giving them so much worldwide publicity?
Doctors, nurses, therapists and other specialists are reading my blog,
and friends and fellow ADHDers also of course.

Who has their email address? 🙂


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