Day 17 on Strattera
August 17, 2006, 11:55 am
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Day 17 on Strattera

How I feel

Very satisfied and very tired.
Today was the big day!
We organized a seminar with the dog listener, Jan Fennell from the UK.
We had more then 100 people who came today to listen to her.
And as a support act, we had a BARF specialist who also had written
a book about BARF, Jill Mellström.
The start of the day on location was very stressful.
We got a card to de activate the alarm system.
But it didn’t work, so we had to wait a long time before help arrived.
This meant that we had to build up and organize everything very fast.
We went in one hour later, but we manage to have to seminar starting only 15 minutes later!
Although the start was stress full , the rest of the day was fantastic!
We only got compliments! We had fantastic friends who helped us.
I simply didn’t had time to feel bad, because we where running around the whole day.

Complains/ Side effects

Like I wrote above, I didn’t had time to feel anything or focus on anything else then
to get the seminar going and keep it all going.
So I did not have any new complains.
Just the normal like a dry mouth, tiredness, today extra, extra.
And that was all.

ADHD/side effects

I think it was ok today.
I did not get crazy, although the situation that we could not
get into the location on time made it very stressful.
I was totally in control. The friends who helped us where also great.
Normally I can get short in my reactions, when I’m so stressed.
But today I could stay pretty calm, so I think the meds worked.


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Great that you did have a wonderful day…
I think that You needed the ADHD to make the day work for you…
ADHD isn’t always a burdon…I see it more as a blessing 😉

I think Your’e doing great on the straterra…
Go on like this…
And don’t throw everything away when it is getting a little bit different then you acpected…

hihi Ik hoop dat ik een beetje normaal engels heb geschreven…
Ik denk dat je het inderdaad op de straterra beter doet dan op ritalin…Zo te lezen in ieder geval…
Fijn dat je je koppie erbij kon houden en dat je niet begon te “sneppen” (kort in je reacties zijn)
Geweldig dat je een groep met goede/lieve vrienden om je heen hebt…

Ga door…Ik blijf lezen…

Knufffffffffff Mariska 😉

Posted by: Tjordy1 | 03/26/2006

Comment by mrtheo

Hoi Mariska,

Ik kan bemoediging best wel gebruiken!

Posted by: Theo | 03/26/2006

Comment by mrtheo

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