Day 14 on Strattera
August 17, 2006, 11:54 am
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Day 14 on Strattera

How I feel

Today was pretty good.

I was very tired, but for the rest it was ok.
Except for one moment.
I’m driving for my job 12 hours a day in the city where I live.
You see many different crazy situations in those hours.
Sometimes I let it get to me, and get irritated.
But yesterday I suddenly exploded when a buss driver try to tell me
I was not allowed to drive there, and blocked the road.
They really like to ‘act’ like police sometimes…….
I showed him my license and did not do that in a friendly way.
It’s terrible, because I do not want to respond like that at all.
I don’t like to be, and don’t want to be aggressive or rude.
Not even one second later I already felt sorry.
It’s also such a waste of energy, since it only makes things worse.
I was hoping with the help of Strattera I could stay calm easier.
But that doesn’t work yet, maybe it will soon?

Complains/side effects

I was very tired today again, that goes up and down each day.
The dry mouth problem is also still around.
And today I had allot of sweating again.
But now it was not only sweating but also freezing right after that.
Like you have a fever, but your not sick.

ADHD effects

No changes since the last days.


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