Day 10 on Strattera
August 17, 2006, 11:49 am
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Day 10 on Strattera

How I feel

I feel like I’m repeating myself every day in this daily reports.
The point of this rapport is that I want others who also starts with this medicine to be able to compare.
Compare there experiences with mine.
Each person is different, so each person can also respond different to meds.
But at least you can maybe find similar feelings or side effects etc.
But now to come back to how I feel.
I still feel tired, very tired, but not so very extreme as the first days.
The tiredness is not only from the meds.
I’m working this week about 80 hours, so no wonder I’m feeling tired also because of that.
So it’s hard to know how much the tiredness is now form Stratera or from
the combination of much working and Strattera.But for the rest I’m still hopeful.
I have decided to continue longer with this Strattera then I did before.
This is also because you can’t really know if it works until at least 2 months.
That’s what other Strattera users from around the world tell me.

Complains/Side effects

Pain in my stomach, although that sounds worse then it is.
It is more a pressure on my stomach, not real pain.
In the day a few hours after I took my meds, and then again on the end of the night.
Still feeling out of balance, but not so strong. And dry in the mouth.
the dry in the mouth feeling started when I started with 80 mg.
No problem with going to the toilet anymore, so that’s good.

ADHD effects

I still think there are no differences at all.
Maybe a little calmer, but I still am quickly irritated.
And chaos is still very strong present in my head.


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