Testing Strattera ( Daily report)
August 16, 2006, 10:07 pm
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Testing Strattera.

Between 2004 and spring 2006 I have been testing all meds avaible on the Swedish market against ADHD.

Non Has helped me, and most are simply poison for your body, mind and soul.

The last test I did was with Strattera. I kept a daily report and published that on blogspirit. That was a misstake because they suddenly started to ask money for their service. Since I’m not going to pay, they will cancel my account.

Luckely I found WordPress, this blog provider is the most proffessional free blog provider I have seen on internet. I hope they will stay free, because I want to continue to write about ADHD in my life, my fighting against the symptoms without meds etc.

My hope is that others who will read my blog will get help from it. And others who don’t have ADHD but know people who do in their surroundings will grow in understanding for them.

Please tell others about this site if it has helped you! And let me know in the commends what you think or how it has helped you.



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Thanks alot for your effort on the purpose of this blog
I intersted in learning more about ADHD from your experience
While I wished to someone to have different perspective rather than just reading about.

So May God protect you and keep your hard working to help others ..

Yours MissFikrah

Comment by mrtheo

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